Friday, September 9, 2016

Great Start to the Year!

Our first official meeting of the Nanaimo Modern Quilt Guild was a great success!

Meeting in the lounge of the Christ Community Church allowed us to spread out and have a lively discussion of our biggest weakness at fabric stores (basically it sounds like we should all check our wallets at the door). The executive team of Lori, Mary, Lise, Donna-Mae, and Kathleen explained the guidelines that will help shape this great group. Here are some highlights...

1) As a fledgling guild, our bank account is stretched thin by start up costs. We will be offering opportunities for you to financially support the guild, from a one dollar fine for not having a nametag to various activities and raffles. We would never want you to feel like you're being nickeled-and-dimed, though, so we hope to keep our requests light-hearted and worth your while!

2) We want to draw on our your expertise and curiosity! Actually, we want to learn from your mistakes. We are hoping to have a guild member present on a topic at most meetings. From a technique you're exploring to a new product or ruler, you each have skills the rest of us are envious of! This is a friendly, low pressure group; presentations can be anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. Think about what you might be able to share...

3) In order to promote the NMQG, we hope to do some challenges with Vancouver MQG, Victoria MQG, or other guilds. We look forward to making a name for ourselves, and be inspired to new projects.

4) Show and share guidelines will help us enjoy the fruits of everyone's labour. Each person will have up to five minutes to present whatever modern quilting projects you bring. We encourage only finished works, unless the project is going out of your hands before the next meeting, or you are desperate for some feedback on a particular stage. If we have extra time, people may present the projects they didn't get to in their five minutes.

Next month will be less business and more fun! We'll be showing a web video that will help us define and explore modern quilting. Hope to see you there! Watch the blog for updates!

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